NuBest USA Brand Products Featured on NBC – USA

Building on the successful partnership with Coupang in South Korea, NuBest achieved another milestone last week by having its products featured on the popular Daytime show on NBC, America’s #1 national television network. This high-profile appearance underscores the growing acclaim for NuBest’s innovative lines of dietary supplements designed to support healthy growth in children and teens, as well as overall wellness for adults.

Over its decade-plus journey, the NuBest, Inc. brand has become a trusted name in 118 countries, providing families with scientifically-formulated health products for all ages. Its signature offerings include the NuBest Tall series of height growth supplements like tablets, chewables and nutritional protein powders in vanilla and chocolate flavors. Formulated with the “golden trio” of calcium, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2, along with antioxidant botanicals, these promote strong bone development and overall vitality.

Complementing the children’s line are NuBest’s adult health solutions spanning beauty, joints, detox and immunity with products such as Bone Xtra, Hair Xtra, Sleep Xtra, Men’s Multi and Women’s Multi. All are manufactured to stringent quality standards.

During the broadcast, renowned wellness authority Jacky Herrera provided her expert endorsement of NuBest Tall, lauding its “effective combination that allows a child’s body to absorb calcium efficiently for denser, healthier bones.” She highlighted how the added herbal extracts deliver antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits for comprehensive wellbeing.

The NuBest showcase on NBC’s Daytime constitutes a significant brand milestone. To be featured, products must pass NBC’s stringent vetting criteria around ingredient integrity, proven efficacy, ethical sourcing, certifications, and truthful labeling. This nationwide exposure validates NuBest’s commitment to quality, transparency and science-backed nutrition solutions across its portfolio.

As NuBest continues expanding globally, this NBC spotlight marks an exciting new chapter in bringing its innovative health and wellness offerings to families worldwide. With its rigorous R&D, premium ingredients and clean manufacturing, NuBest is well-positioned to emerge as a global leader in preventative nutrition for all life stages.

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