Does running make you taller?

In a world where our perception of ourselves is often intertwined with our physical appearance, the desire for a taller stature is a common yearning. Height, being a relatively unchangeable trait, presents a challenge for those seeking to enhance their presence. However, amidst this pursuit, one question often arises: Can running actually make you taller?

The answer is an affirmative one, yet it’s important to understand that achieving height through running requires consistent dedication and effort, far beyond sporadic jogging sessions. To truly harness the potential of running as a tool for height enhancement, one must delve into the intricacies of how this physical activity influences vertical growth. So, let’s embark on a journey to uncover the ways in which the simple act of running can contribute to the realization of a taller version of yourself.

In the tapestry of human desire, the longing for a taller stature is a thread woven by societal norms and personal aspirations. Our physical form, often perceived as a reflection of our inner selves, holds sway over our confidence and self-esteem. Yet, amidst the complexity of this relationship, one question stands out: Can running truly add inches to our height?

The answer, though affirmative, is not without nuance. Running, while a proven catalyst for height growth, demands more than occasional bursts of activity. To unlock its full potential in the pursuit of height, one must commit to a consistent regimen, understanding the intricate mechanisms by which running influences our vertical dimension. So, let’s embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries of how the rhythmic pounding of feet against the earth can elevate us to new heights—both physically and metaphorically.

How can running make you taller?

We all know that running has various benefits. As a kid, most of us have a natural urge to run. Our parents are also encouraged to allow their children to run as much as possible for it would facilitate mental and physical development. Despite this, once we grow older, we seem to forget how good running is. Amongst other benefits, running can make you taller. The question is, how is this possible?

Running boosts growth hormone levels

Running can increase your height by triggering growth hormone production. When you run, your pituitary gland is stimulated to produce more growth hormone, which will thicken your cartilages and bones as well as increase your bone density, thereby leading to bone growth and remodeling. The more growth hormone is released into your system, the taller you will become. Unfortunately, this will only happen if you run in bursts intensely and regularly. The level of growth hormone will depend on the effectiveness of your running exercise. If you are a regular and intensive runner, you can end up releasing a lot of growth hormone that contributes to your natural height growth.

Running repairs micro-fractures in your bones

Running also contributes to your height growth process by repairing micro-fractures in the body. The process of healing these micro-fractures is faster than regular changes in your bones as you run for short distances at top speeds. Besides, once the micro-fractures around the ankle area or the lower shin are ossified, it increases the length of the bones and results in a positive change to your height.

Running improves your posture and makes you look leaner

Running has the physiological effect of improving your posture, thus helping you gain height. It de-stresses your muscles, relaxes your shoulders, straightens your posture, makes you pull your chest back and your chin up, and allows you to stand tall. The change would be more apparent if you used to have a hunchback posture. In addition, running is a great choice for weight loss and keeping fit. It shapes up your whole body in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks to this, you will appear taller as leaner people tend to look taller.

Other benefits of running

Pediatricians suggest that parents encourage their children to run as frequently as possible since it can promote their physical and mental development.

Children have a natural inclination to run; however, as we get older, we tend to overlook the advantages of running.

Running has several benefits, including helping to maintain healthy blood pressure, enhancing the effectiveness of essential organs, and potentially preventing cardiovascular disorders.

Mental Health Can Be Improved

Running can improve mental health by reducing anxiety, alleviating stress, enhancing social interaction, improving sleep patterns, and providing a meaningful objective.

Remarkably, running can lower the risk of depression by an astounding 16%.

You May Experience Weight Loss

Running is an excellent exercise for those looking to lose or maintain their weight. It is an effective way to burn excess calories and is considered the second most efficient exercise in terms of calories burned per minute, just behind cross country skiing. Therefore, running is an effective means of shedding pounds and keeping weight under control.

Running Enhances Your Confidence

The benefits of running are not only physical but also mental. Running can significantly boost your confidence and self-esteem. By setting and accomplishing goals through running, you can give yourself a greater sense of control and empowerment, leading to an increased sense of happiness.

Running has the ability to combat depression

When feeling down, going for a run may be the last thing on your mind. However, after just a few minutes of running, your brain will start releasing hormones that can naturally boost your mood. In fact, few things in the world can treat depression better or faster than exercise, like running.

How to run to grow taller?

How much height you can gain through running depends on how you run. If you want to run to add some inches to your height, the first thing you should do is run regularly. Aside from increasing your height, regular running will adapt your body to the exercise. This would make it easier for you to run time and again. Sprinting at high speed in short distances is another strategy to help you achieve a taller posture. In doing so, you will not only give your body time to regain the lost energy but also trigger growth hormone release. Sprinting can get rid of excessive fat and reward you with a lean body as well.

Other factors

Although running contributes a great deal to your height growth, there are a few factors you should take into consideration in order to achieve the maximum height increasing effect of running.

  • Healthy and balanced diet: Nutrition plays an extremely important role in making you taller. When combined with a height-boosting exercise like running, the role of food is even more powerful. Therefore, to maximize the benefits of running, you should include all four essential nutrients – proteins, fat, vitamins, and minerals into your daily diet.
  • Additional exercise: Running is not the only form of exercise that promotes height growth. Other exercises that can help you gain height include Pelvic shift, Cobra stretch, Dry land swim, and Pilates rollover.
  • Appropriate sleeping routine: Only when you sleep as much as you are supposed to can your pituitary gland function normally and release an optimal amount of growth hormone. Your growth hormone is mostly secreted in your sleep; for this reason, you should avoid sleep deprivation at all costs.
  • Avoiding growth inhibitors: Aside from growth-boosting elements, there are several factors that hinder or even inhibit your height growth such as drugs, alcohol, fast food, nicotine, and a sedentary or stressful lifestyle.

Now that you know the answer to the question “Does running make you taller?”, it is time for you to start taking up this habit. However, running can only deliver the expected results if you follow a high intensity and well-balanced running plan instead of running in the same routine without pushing yourself. What is more, you should integrate your running exercise with a nutritious diet, sufficient sleep, a healthy lifestyle, and other height increasing exercises. This will help you build strength and energy as well as facilitate optimal height growth for your body.


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